TRUECORE® Steel Framing in Melbourne

A market-leading product matched with superb fabrication

Many clients talk to us about the products we use in our superb state-of-the-art TRUECORE® steel fabrication facility, locally situated in Craigieburn.

When we tell them that we use BlueScope TRUECORE® steel frames, most already know them by their stellar reputation. We’re proud to be one of the leading TRUECORE® steel suppliers in Melbourne, supplying customers with a range of TRUECORE® steel framing sizes and types. Matched with our commitment and expertise, and our reputation for delivering on-time and at terrific value, many clients use us again and again. We also receive many recommendations that lead to new clients.

About TRUECORE® Steel

Underlining why this is such an obvious choice

TRUECORE® steel framing products carry many of the characteristics that the CMC Steel Solutions team also demonstrate.

TRUECORE® steel is perfect for skilled precision when fabricating, with the finished product having so much going for it. Once erected, TRUECORE® steel homes will stand the test of time; their inner strength means no twisting or warping will occur – unlike other traditional alternatives. They’re also termite proof! These prefab TRUECORE® frames are tested rigorously and display the consistent quality that allows us to do our job to the same high level.

When you see that ‘the blue steel’ is being used, you’ll also know that it benefits from BlueScope’s brilliant Activate® technology. This delivers enhanced corrosion resistance, including galvanic protection for any cut edges. As you would expect, prefab TRUECORE® frames are manufactured to meet all relevant Australian Standards – another reason so many are happy to spot the distinctive blue TRUECORE® steel coating!


Delivering Superb Outcomes for Your Project

Whether your project is commercial or residential, the use of BlueScope TRUECORE® steel frames will deliver outcomes of the highest quality – and quality that lasts. Our team of TRUECORE® steel builders will work to understand the needs of your project and are happy to provide an obligation-free quote.

This covers TRUECORE® steel fabrication and erection – if you choose to erect on-site yourself, all plans and connections will be included. We offer great value, matched by a decade’s worth of successful expertise across many projects.

3D BIM (Building Information Modelling) software ensures that the plans are perfected before we start our fabrication and erection processes. You’ll then receive finished BlueScope TRUECORE® steel frames that are exactly right for purpose, built to endure, and delivered on time – vital with tight-deadline projects.

Please note that TRUECORE® steel is one of the types of steel we may use. Another steel brand product may be better suited to your project.

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As leading TRUECORE® steel suppliers, we can accommodate the needs of your current or upcoming projects. Please take a moment to call us on 1300 285 566 or complete our enquiry form and we’ll quickly be in touch.

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