Steel Wall Frame in Melbourne

The steel wall frames and trusses produced by CMC Steel Solutions are recognised by many commercial and domestic project managers as a superb, light gauge steel wall framing solution that meets their needs like no alternative.

Superb quality product for your key project

Our in-house fabrication facility, based in Craigieburn, has earned a reputation for unmatched workmanship and fast results. This is a key reason why so many clients choose us for wall frame design on a regular basis and recommend our work to others as well, helping to make us one of the leading light gauge steel framing suppliers in Melbourne. You can rest assured that all of our products adhere to the Australian standard for steel wall framing.


Seamless supply and delivery for all clients

Once you’ve contacted CMC Steel Solutions, we start by taking the time to fully understand your steel wall framing requirements. We discover the timescales you’re operating to, and any specific location needs. Our team can deliver a light gauge steel wall framing system for you to erect yourselves, or else we can carry out that task for you.

Fully understanding your requirements, our obligation-free quotation will deliver the value for money you should always expect. The initial wall frame design, using 3D BIM modelling techniques, can then be fully reviewed to ensure that every requirement for your project has been completely met.

Once given the go-ahead, our specialists in Craigieburn will precision fabricate and assemble your unique metal wall frames in Melbourne. Should you be erecting the finished product yourselves, all necessary connecting materials and detailed plans will be delivered to your chosen location. As you would expect, your finished lightweight steel wall frames and trusses will be accompanied by a reg 126 certificate.


Why Choose Lightweight Steel Wall Frames?

For the last 70 years, those charged with commercial or domestic construction projects have increasingly found that lightweight steel is a much better choice.

Timber rots, warps, bows and can become twisted out of its original shape. Termites can also find a home there, and water damage can also occur. With the variety of weather that we can ‘enjoy’ in the state of Victoria, lightweight steel wall frames and trusses are the obvious answer. Another key benefit is the superb strength to weight ratio provided by fabricated light gauge steel.

With our own facility, you can be sure that your unique requirements will be expertly met. When your project requires fabricated lightweight steel wall frames and trusses, the team at CMC Steel Solutions live up to their name!

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