Steel Roof Beams in Melbourne

CMC Steel Solutions is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of light weight steel roof beams in Melbourne, with many years of experience creating products for all kinds of clients. We create our custom structural steel roof beams in-house to ensure complete control over the manufacturing of your products.

Lightweight structural steel beams are one of the most sought-after products in the construction sector due to their high level of structural integrity and how cost-effective they are. Unlike timber beams, lightweight steel beams aren’t susceptible to issues such as rotting, warping, shrinking or fungal and termite damage. Their design also minimises how long the structure erection process takes, thereby making the overall project quicker to complete.

Why Choose CMS Steel Solutions for Structural Steel Roof Beams?

CMC Steel Solutions has an in-house design team that will work to understand the building project you’re working on and the specifications of the lightweight steel roof beams you need. After speaking with you, we’ll use state-of-the-art 3D BIM modelling software to create a preliminary design of the structural steel roof beams for your project which will be shown to you for approval. Once you’ve given your approval of our design, we’ll manufacture your lightweight steel beams as per your specifications and keep you up to date with our progress.

After your initial consultation with us, we’ll provide you with a free quote that will list all items included, such as connectors and brackets as well as services like delivering the final lightweight structural steel beams to your worksite. All lightweight steel roof beams we design are made to comply with the reg. 126 Certificate of Compliance and come with a warranty.

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