Steel Joists

If you’re looking to buy light gauge steel joists of the highest quality, look no further than CMC Steel Solutions – a trusted steel joists manufacturer in Melbourne. Our team of trained technicians have many years of experience designing and manufacturing steel joist products for both residential and commercial construction projects.

Lightweight steel joists serve as horizontal framing components positioned over gaps in roofs, ceilings and floors. These joists effectively transfer the weight from beams to adjacent vertical members, while also enabling the creation of large open areas that require minimal supporting columns. Not only will they ensure your structure remains intact, but they’re also designed to stop issues like sagging, warping and shrinking from occurring, as well as prevent termite and fungal attacks. These benefits make light gauge steel joists a cost-effective option that will minimise avoidable structural issues that can be expensive to repair in the long term.

Why Choose CMS Steel Solutions for Structural Steel joists?

CMC Steel Solutions is a leading steel joists manufacturer because we design and build all steel joist products in-house, ensuring they’re of the highest quality. Our certified engineers oversee every stage of the manufacturing process and use 3D BIM (Building Information Modelling) software to prepare the initial design of the steel joist product to meet your specifications. After this, we’ll show you the design, and if it gets your approval we’ll go ahead and create the product.

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