Commercial Steel Frames in Melbourne

Fabricated and erected by a Melbourne-based team

When commercial steel frames are required for construction products in the city and across Victoria, more and more project managers and leaders are choosing CMC Steel Solutions.

Local knowledge, including hands-on experience of our legendary fickle climate, means our expertise is directed to delivering superb outcomes for a wide variety of commercial steel frame building projects. We have many returning customers, plus others based on recommendations from past successful work. For your project, choose CMC for convenient, on-time and expert-driven outcomes and the best commercial lightweight steel frames on the market.

Commercial Steel Frame Construction

A chance to discuss your project needs​

When you first contact our team of commercial steel frame construction experts, we’ll take all the time that’s needed to fully understand and carefully discuss the needs and location of your project. Our no-nonsense quotations are extensive, cover both construction and delivery, are obligation-free and are superbly value-driven.

Using 3D BIM software, you can see how effectively our commercial light gauge steel framing products can deliver the commercial steel frames for your project. Once you give the go-ahead, our unmatched local team of lightweight framing fabrication professionals will construct your order. We use the finest of product in our processes, and as you would expect, our finished work is always accompanied by a reg 126 certificate.

We can erect your commercial lightweight steel frames on-site or at our state-of-the-art facility, handily located in Craigieburn. If you choose to erect the commercial steel framing yourself, all necessary plans and connections are supplied – and expert help is only a phone call away.


The Established Choice for Commercial Construction

Since the 1950s, both commercial and domestic lightweight steel frames have taken over as the material of choice for many commercial (and residential) construction projects.​

Steel frames deliver the strength and endurance needed to match our climate, providing a steel frame building structure that will not twist or warp, but remain strong as the years pass. There’s an added benefit of steel as a positive lightning conductor, plus it won’t be affected by fungal problems or termites!

Our CMC Steel Solutions prefabricated commercial steel framing products are also recyclable – a fact that’s becoming more important for the clients of our clients as the years pass.

Discuss Your Commercial Steel Framing Needs Now

Take a moment to call us on 1300 285 566 or complete our enquiry form and one of our experts will contact you for an obligation-free discussion of your project needs. We’re also happy to explain past project successes to show how our process is so effective.

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