Floor Joists

Many building companies use light gauge steel floor joists during the construction process to cut down expenditure and speed up a project. CMC Steel Solutions has been designing and manufacturing steel flooring joists for building companies for many years now, giving us the ability to fulfil the requirements of both residential and commercial construction projects. You can count on us to provide the floor joist products you need.

Our strong and lightweight steel floor joists provide excellent stability for flooring structures, especially compared to traditional timber floor joist products. Unlike timber products, steel flooring joists won’t incur any rotting, warping, sagging or shrinking, and won’t be susceptible to termites nor fungus. They’re also highly recommended for residential and commercial construction projects taking place in areas with volatile weather conditions.

The Highest Quality Floor Joist Products

The quality of our floor joist products is unsurpassed, as all of our light gauge steel floor joists are engineered in-house, meaning we have full control over every aspect of the manufacturing process. Our skilled engineers make steel flooring joists by using the highest quality materials on the market and complying with all regulations pertaining to the reg. 126 Certificate of Compliance. We utilise 3D BIM (Building Information Modelling) software to create an initial design of the product for our clients to review. If the client is happy with the product and approves it, we’ll begin manufacturing it straightaway.

Prior to manufacturing the requested floor joist products, we also supply clients with a free quote that comprehensively lists all costs involved. Every quote we provide is fairly priced.

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Get in touch with CMC Steel Solutions today to discuss your requirements for lightweight steel floor joists by calling us on 1300 285 566 or submitting an online enquiry.

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