Steel vs. Wood: A Comparative Analysis for Residential Construction

In residential construction, steel and wood have dominated the construction landscape for centuries. Steel framing in particular has been a fixture of Australian residential and low-rise commercial construction for the past 50 years. But when you really get down to comparing the two materials in depth, is one truly better than the other? Whether you’re […]

Sustainable Building: The Role of Steel in Eco-Friendly Construction

Light Gauge Steel Project

The role of steel in the construction industry has evolved dramatically over the years, becoming a cornerstone of sustainable building practices. Steel framing, renewable steel and adaptive reuse are not just abstract construction terms, but rather principles driving the eco-friendly construction movement forward. In this blog post, CMC Steel Solutions will take a look at […]

The Evolution of Steel Framing in Modern Architecture

Steel framing has undeniably revolutionised building design and construction, and it continues to play a significant role in modern architecture. This blog post from CMC Steel Solutions will explore the benefits of steel framing while highlighting its nuanced importance in the design and construction process. The Benefits of Steel Framing Steel framing offers many advantages […]